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Artist Summary
Genres: Country / Contemporary Country / Southern Rock
Label: Little House Records
Nashville Management: AStar Promotions

Artist Bio
Born and raised in Phelps, NY, Derek was fortunate enough to live in a small rural farming community with 1 stoplight and only about 3,000 residents, and grew up learning small town country values. He's always had a love for music, and from the earliest of ages had a stereo in his bedroom, singing along and always listening to music whenever he could. He began his musical journey taking piano lessons at 8 years old, playing for several years, eventually moving on to the drums, and finally finding his true instrument...his voice!
Shortly after signing a recording contract with Little House Records-Nashville, Derek released his debut single "NO COOL WAY", which climbed to #66 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart, and #17 on the PowerSource Magazine Country Chart, as well as #27 on the German Country Music Chart!! Derek’s debut single was played on over 300+ U.S. stations, and stations in Spain, Australia, Japan, England, and France to name a few. Derek was also featured in the “Listen Up!” section of Country Weekly magazine in May of 2009, as well as over 25 online and print publications to date!
Derek is living the dream, and his dedication and hard work will get him where he wants to be....singing on a stage near you!!

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Phone: 615-618-7646

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Booking: AStar Promotions

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